5 key points at the time of redesigning your webpage

The pages Webs are tools that serve to the companies to be their letter of presentation or its motor to him of sales (to very great characteristics) and since such have to renew once in a while. Many businessmen are not conscious of it and you always can be very old fashioned pages or noncompatible with our devices that the only thing that offers is a very bad image facing the user. These businessmen cost enough that they renew his pages Webs, but later are others know nowadays of the importance of Internet, than he means the reputation online and that they try to be with the new tendencies facing giving the best possible image name brand in the network.

However, whether you belong to the first group as if you belong to the second, at the time of redesigning your webpage you need to stop to you a little while and to take care of a series of points that I create keys to begin the process of redesign of your webpage. Next ready the keys.

Why to redesign your webpage?

You must know clearly the motivation by which you take to end the renovation of your webpage. Perhaps it is that the structure no longer is correct, that aesthetically the design has remained very old fashioned, that correctly does not see in smartphones, that you want to offer new contents or that you look for more dynamism and interaction with the users. The reasons by which you look for to redesign your webpage can be multiple but first that you must know it clearly you are your. 

Ten in account the critics of the users or clients

This is quite important and you must always have it in account. If you are going to redesign your webpage, you can ask your users or clients who aspects you would improve of the present Web. Or perhaps it does not need to ask it to you because they themselves at some time have indicated you some point whom they would change so that the user experience was far better. Ten in account that the users or clients who visit your Web are the most important treasure that you can have and doubtless the reason of which the Web is in favor exists.

It offers new, fresh content and of quality

If you are going to redesign your webpage, I recommend you that you do not limit yourself the aesthetic part. Since you are going to give a washing facing your webpage renews the contents. In this way I do not want to perhaps say that those sections that right now are very valid and work correctly you must them eliminate, but with a revision of texts, one better model-making, to add listings or images you can give an added value him to which at the moment you have. Also it is possible that you want to divide or to group sections, in which case you will have to do a good tree to you Web, always considering that there are to offer the maximum of possible information to the user in the smaller number of clicks.

Visible data of Contact

When the moment arrives for redesigning your webpage assures to you that the contact information is going to be always visible facing the user. Perhaps he is something that or makes your present webpage, but is important that you maintain it or that you do it with your new webpage. You must consider that when somebody visit the webpage from the mobile, no matter how little it sees something that interests will want to him to put itself in touch quickly and we must put it easy. And the same happens when somebody sails through its desktop computer. To have in the head the telephone or a mail to which to go always is a success and I recommend it.


Personally I think that if you are going to redesign your webpage and this is realised in HTML or PHP and you do not know very clearly as publishing according to which sections and you look for to have the control of all your webpage, the best option is to use a CMS. And if you request my opinion to me, it would recommend to you to use WordPress without doubt. It will facilitate the edition of the sections, you will be able to create new entrances in your section of the news or blog, you will be able to raise images your galleries and to really have more control on your webpage facing being able to update it of form frequents and to offer thus to your contained users updated. Something nails in any webpage to day of today.

And with these 5 key points, already you have all ready one for the hour to redesign your webpage

If you do not know to use WordPress, nor you know as installing it, forming it, to manage it, etc, you can have us to redesign your webpage or to design and always to create anyone of your projects. Ponte in touch and we spoke.