Geolocalizaci³n facilitates the location of your business

The possibility of generating more sales, facilitating the location of your business to the users, is one of the advantages that the geolocalizaci³n will contribute to your company. The strategy of marketing to position your business in the maps.

The receiving movable devices that take integrated GPS are able to locate to us of the globe anywhere. Of this form, the geolocalizaci³n is elevated as an authentic revolution for certain services as the tourist ones or of leisure. The official studies determine that 65% of the users of Internet have been using sometimes services of geolocalizaci³n and a 21% for of habitual form.

It locates your businessPower your visibility with the geolocalizaci³n

The more and more influential presence of the smartphones of last generation has done that services as the geolocalizaci³n more and more is known by the companies, commerces, businesses and users. The height in the sales of this type of devices has allowed that these services extend and they are integrated of fast form in the use of the social networks on the part of the users.

All the actions of marketing based on the location will allow the companies to adapt their messages to exert a considerable impact between the consumers, based on their present location. Nowadays we can find very diverse strategies based on the location. Of this form, the first calls of proximity are all those that resort to technologies as Bluetooth, allowing the fact to transmit messages that the near users and consumers will be able to receive within an operational range determined to the emission point, or this last store, a commercial establishment or a bank.

Spaces as Google Adwords allows to orient the announcements for searches geolocalizadas in movable devices within a certain radius. On the other hand, the movable applications are a form to attract the users based on their location, since they provide the capacity to detect where they are of automatic way.

Geolocalizaci³n facilitates the location of your business

The statistical data reveal us that 63% of the proprietors of iPhone use services of location, at least once to the week. Since in the majority of the Smartphones Google Maps appears built-in, it is of supposition that is one of the used tools more. With Maps the users will be able to undertake the search of local services where information of the site, data of contact will be able to be contemplated, images and much more.

For all the companies that count on a physical store, the geolocalizaci³n is a tool that will help to increase its visibility and, therefore, its sales. The mere fact to facilitate the location of your business supposes the possibility of generating more sales between the user group whom they prefer to previously see a product before realising his purchase.

Also, when giving to know your location, you will obtain that the resident users in the proximities can be interested in the brand. The factor proximity supposes an added value. This type of services can be included, as he has been mentioned in previous lines, in the developed movable applications for the company. geolocalizacion This way, you will have a form fidelizar to the clients with exclusive supplies.

At the same time, with the social networks based on the geolocalizaci³n as it is the case of Foursquare, we will have the possibility of attracting the user, since incentives when realising check-in the visited establishments are gotten up, offering rewards facing the loyalty of the clients.

Many companies count on fleet of vehicles or users in mobility that are displaced and to that we must manage of the possible most suitable form. The control of this fleet will offer interest data on the geolocalizaci³n of the employees for the sake of increasing the productivity.

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