Is profitable eCommerce?

Is profitable eCommerce?

A study analyzes the yield of the electronic commerce and reveals that the majority of eCommerce was profitable in the 2014.

According to this study realised by Webloyalty and TNS, 69% of eCommerce they were profitable in the 2014, a 19% more than in the past year. Although the yield depends the store as large as online and of the sector to which it belongs, therefore, if we divided them by size, only 52% of eCommerce of small size were profitable, against 67% of the leaders of the sector or to 90% of the medium ones. On the other hand, categories as Health, Beauty, Fashion and Accessories lead the ranking.

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The study observes the general optimism that is undergoing this sector, since no eCommerce leader declares to have handicapped its yield in 2014 and 67% assure to have minted to its hearing during the last year.

The fidelity of the clients is one of the factors key to improve the yield of eCommerce. Between the strategies or actions that can help fidelizar to our clients they are the diversification of the supply, the personalisation of the supply and the use of the Social Networks.
Other tools evaluated by eCommerce are the multicanalidad, the international expansion or the development of Marketplace.

The study reveals that almost half of eCommerce has minted their hearing during year 2014 to improve their yield. The minting techniques that eCommerce leaders of the market considers more suitable are the sale of complementary services, the sale of advertising services, the property to a Marketplace, the insertion of publicity in the package in which the merchandise or the sale of data bases are sent. 26% assure that the sale of advertising spaces is the most effective form to improve the income of its business.