I need a movable application?

I need a movable application for my company?

What is a movable application and in what difference of a movable version of your Web?

With the diversity of terms that there are nowadays, it is no wonder confusion exists. I will try to be very brief and concise not to turn aside to us of the subject too much:

Application for mobiles and smartphoneOne app or movable application is software that you must unload and install in your mobile phone or tablet. The unloading is realised through great markets according to devices: Apple Appstore for iOS, Google Play for Android or Marketplace for Windows Phone. One app, by definition must have a concrete utility, your client will only install it if she knows clearly why she serves and what she contributes, that is to say, she requires a firm will to him on the part of the user. The storage of the mobile phones is limited and to anybody it likes to remain without space if it does not obtain a benefit in return.

A very clear example of well-known movable application by all: WHATSAPP.

A website adapted for mobiles or a version responsive is not more than your own webpage adapted to the formats of tablet and smartphone. This facilitates navigation to the users so that it turns out to them simpler to accede to the contents without needing realising no unloading.
The usuary one already will enjoy a good experience of navigation by the mere fact to visit your webpage from a movable device.

An example: Any webpage to that you accede from your mobile and that is in a format especially thought for your device.

Made this mini-distinction the turn arrives to use the common sense before raising to you to create an application.

The fact that the user can have it always by hand and visible he supposes a very clear benefit as far as accessibility, rapidity and image name brand, reason why it is no wonder it generates curiosity and desire enter to you to have your own app.
Of course, to all it would enchant to us that our App became a referring one, to have thousands of unloadings and that everybody knows it, but the crude reality is very different, I exhibit a list to you of factors here to consider:

You must put you in the place of your clients. You must be very safe that it will be worth the trouble to them to install your app, because you know better than nobody than if you install an application and you does not like you will erase it right away and probably you have not considered the difficult thing (and expensive) that it turns out to put it in the market.
In the agency we have had cases of clients who tell us that they want to have one app to show its services€¦ In serious? €¦ you think that somebody needs to take your services always above? €¦ You do not respond, already I do it I by you: No.
Originality (Possible viralidad)

If you think that you have a brilliant idea, useful, peculiar, novel, funny and only. You do not doubt it, invests in her, contract to a good company that develops your application to size and you do everything what is in your hand to make it reality. If it is not thus, you do not bother yourself in trying it, every day publish new hundreds of apps in markets, many of them are best and they do not arrive at anything, imagines to you if above it is not good€¦
Costs of development

In this point you must have a very clear concept: A good movable application is not cheap!
If one has offered you to a very low cost, it is very probable that it consists only of showing your own €œmasked€ Web as if outside one app. If you want to interact with the camera of your mobile, geolocalizaci³n or any other functionality something more outpost forgets to you€¦ (even that this option is not available for iOS)
I do not tell you that this is a bad option when you want €œto occur the whim€.