OnPage optimization versus LinkBuilding

OnPage optimization versus LinkBuild

In the time that I take as desarrolador of webpages, I have been with clients who from minute 1, already come requesting Linkbuilding for positioning SEO. The truth is that, many agencies have made damage to the sector having done think that the SEO was only to create connections. To abuse the hyperbond usually has negative consequences for our positioning, mainly after the last updates of the Algorithm.

OnPage optimizationWith this I do not mean that the connections do not have value! By all means that has value, he is one of the most important factors within the algorithm of the Google web search engine. But this, thanks to his improvement, it is being able, little by little, to identify the connections that really are natural and those that have only been created to manipulate the results in the SERPS.

If we put ourselves to analyze the Linkprofile of the Webs that request Linkbuilding to us certainly we discovered very interesting things. With tools as Majestic or Ahref we can know what is what the previous SEO did, that one that only received by LinkBuilding. By experience I can say that, analyzing these Linkprofile, we can find connections from so different and exotic sites as India, China, Australia€¦ Cr¨me of cr¨me of the Spam.

Some of these pages (the great majority) arrive with a traffic fall, a penalty. The penguin changed the forms to make the things and by consequent, it ruined many businesses online.

That they do not forget the On Page

Since there am saying, to apply strategies of Linkbuilding, that allow us to generate connections of a natural form, is not bad. Quite the opposite: it is what we must do for scaling positions. But, pages sometimes obsessed with the Linkbuilding forget the optimization On Page completely. And it really is as if we improved the motor of our car but we used spent wheels, we will slide.

We are going to list some of the factors that will help to that your Web can give a empujoncito in the SERPS without the necessity to create connections.

€“ Taken care of with the navigation menu: The connections that are located in the navigation menu are very important. The reason? Google is able to identify in which it leaves from ours site is located the connection and to give him to a value or another one. The connections from the navigation menu have a high value. The problem? In many Webs the typical pull-down menus hide the connections by CSS3 for one better usability. The problem? Google cannot track these connections because we are hiding them. The solution? To stop using properties outposts CSS3 and returning to use Javascript. In order to be able to verify that the connections of our menu of navigation are correctly showing the connections crawlers search, we will use an inhibitor of Javascrip visualizing in way Google Bot. For it we can use the Moz Bar of our Firefox navigator.

€“ Excellent connections of ours landing page in ours home: the main page of our Web is the one that greater authority has. By that reason, we will add to the excellent connections of ours landings from this page. If our menu of navigation or has many connections we can locate them in footer or in another location.

€“ To enrich content: before burning ours landing page with connections, we must assure to us that our content is more complete than those landings that are occupying the first positions in the SERPS. Small details as adding an optimized H1, density of key words, optimization of archives multimedia€¦

€“ Connected internal: backlinks is very well but€¦ Does Nobody think about the internal liaisons? These not only can help us to make understand to the web search engines the relation between our documents, but they also will help us to transfer of more optimal way the Juice of the page. With good connected a boarder also we will increase metric as important as the number of pages seen.

€“ It connects of down upwards: many SEOs concentrate to continuously connect the Home of the Web. This process is not that he is bad, but we can improve connecting it to the inverse one. We imagine that we have a blog, with this exposition, will connect first a our articles that have a contextual connection towards a category or the Home. We will be able to position of faster way the post (Long Tails), to obtain traffic, good metric and little by little we will be able to position those words head more tail.

This it is not an article of the 4 ways to optimize the content or the 4 ways to position your Web. Simply they are some technical details that with work they have helped me much.