Movable publicity

Movable publicity, a competitive advantage for your business

The movable publicity for smartphones and tablets has undergone in the last years a tendency to the rise, a fact that together with the great technological development of the sector, causes that the use of the movable devices becomes a factor to consider for the advertisers. For this same reason, strategies and formats with which look for constantly to secure better results.

action of movable publicityBanners expandibles is the formats of publicity of greater yield in the scope of mobile marketing, being the leisure, the products of consumption, the commerce or the automobile the most effective strategies to carry out in the campaigns for mobile.

At this moment, official studies as by DGMediaMind determine that banners expandibles is the formats with greater yield for the company against which they can provide polite or the standard.

With respect to the interactions of mobile marketing of greater demand, as it was mentioned in previous lines, the tie sectors with the Leisure and Mass media is the scopes with greater CTR, reaching a frequency of clicktroughs of a 1.10% and a 1, 21% respectively on the total number of emitted impressions. Nothing despicable is not either the results obtained by Products of Consumption with a 0, 82% or the sector of the Restoration with a 0, 50%.

Mobile Marketing: Formats of publicity

The formats of standard publicity movable that are used more for smartphones are banners based on proportions 6:1 (480—80, 320—50, 300—50, 216—36, 168—28 and 120—20), 4:1 (300—75, 216—54, 168—42 and 120—30) and 1:1 (320—300, 250—250 and 300—250). For the case of the movable telephony, the used formats more have some measured of 320—53 and a 10 weight of kb.

In the case of tablets, the publicity formats adjust to other proportions as 1:1 (300—250, 180—150), 6:1 (300—50), 8:1 (798—90) or button (120—60).

Beyond these formats standard, other propose variants by Google exist as, for example, the denominated €œClicks to download €œ, with a total of 2, 7 million unloadings from the mobile every day. The key is that by means of this format, when doing click, the user will be able to accede of direct way to the store of applications.

Others of the formats of publicity for mobile are well-known €œthe Sitelinks€, employees basically to catch the attention of the users between a derisory percentage of results. €œClick to call only€ is another one of the advertising modalities for mobile, focused to which they only lack site optimized for movable devices.

They are not either had to ignore the calls extensions of location, which will show more customized mobile marketing formatsresults, using at any moment the own characteristics of the GPS of Google Maps or the Smartphones. With this type of formats you will be able to take to the consumer to the point of sale directly.

With a ratio of growth that is increased every year, mobile marketing appears as a great opportunity of business for the companies, in addition to a competitive advantage in front of the rivals who do not remove party to the potentiality from the movable devices.

Whereas clause the fact that the campaigns of movable marketing have an average return of the investment of 32%, this type of advertising actions will win the success and influence that you looked for to make arrive your message at the greater number of people possible and to increase your benefits.

If you want to take advantage of to the maximum action movable publicity, in Solution webpages we offer the help to you that you need. Ll¡manos and we will inform to you on the matter.