Marketing of contents

Marketing of contents. What is and how it is applied?

Marketing De ContenidoEvery time the expression wakes up more interest in the world of digital marketing €œMarketing of contents€ but What is? It really contributes value to Us?

What is the marketing of contents?

It is a centered strategy of digital marketing in creating content of quality for our objective public, contained who in principle will not have commercial character, but will be divulging to obtain traffic and to generate confidence being demonstrated authority in your area of business, which will repel in which the image of our brand is positive and our users are satisfied.

Advantages that offer to us

€¢ It can have a great reach with a very low cost, since if we generated content of quality can become viral and that the users spread it without needing investing.
€¢ Help to improve our image name brand, even being able to emphasize over the competition.
€¢ It is useful to attract new clients and fidelizar to that already we have, since we demonstrated to authority and knowledge in the field in which our business moves, which denotes professionalism.
€¢ Help to improve the SEO of our Web due to the constant flow of new content, and still more if the content that we contributed is of innovating quality and.
€¢ It increases the sales because the good contents can influence in the decision of purchase of the consumer. We have to consider that, at the moment, the consumers look for information before buying, reason why to find us in that contained search contributing to them of quality on the matter can be very positive for the user.