The importance of google+ for the positioning SEO

Hello to all our visitors and followers of our website. Today we are going to speak on the importance of google+ for the positioning SEO of our website.

Lately there has been certain debate between the professionals of marketing online exceeds what aspects or actions of Google+ help us more to our SEO. For that reason in some Webs we are a button to do +1 in Google+, whereas in other Webs they invite to us to do to us following of the page in the social network. Both have their own advantages, and is necessary to consider that the pursuit button is quite new and many websites of the brand still contain only button +1.

The main argument in favor of the button to follow the page is that it is a long term bet: that somebody follows to you will allow him to grow your hearing in Google+ and to foment the long term commitment, whereas +1 is an important value for our SEO, but can be to us difficult to return to connect with that person and to obtain more +1 if it does not follow our page.

Concluding: although to obtain +1 he is the best one via accumulating good SEO (then Google detects that you are a company that is offering contained of quality), the best guarantee to accumulate possible maximums +1 in the long term is to let grow your community, the number of followers. For that reason we recommended to follow a strategy that goes directed to persecute those two objectives, which will in the short and mid term guarantee the impact to us wished in our SEO.

Therefore, consequent with our speech, we are going to work intensely to grow in followers. We hope that you have liked the article, we continued ourselves reading on this and other fields of marketing online.

Until soon!