Your is Web responsive?

You have the Web prepared for movable devices?

Web responsiveThe traffic that arrives at our webpages from movable devices is increasing, therefore he is advisable that our Web is able to detect the measures of the screen from which the user visualizes our page and adapts his design.

Every time we used plus the movable devices to sail by Internet and to make searches of products, services, etc€¦

Spain is the country that greater proportion of smartphones has in Europe, a 63.2% of the mobile users has one of this type.

Some data of interest:

  • The applications grow exponentially, a 140% in 2012. €œWe have lowered€ 2.7 million of apps to the day.
  • The mobile phone is the motor of growth of Internet, more of 43% of the users is connected through these terminals; a 210% more than in 2011.
  • The number of movable devices with connection to Internet has grown a 68% with respect to 2011 at the rate of a million discharges to in the last quarterly month.
  • The electronic commerce grows of very significant form, during the first trimester of 2012 the income reached 2,452 million Euros more a 19.3% than in the same period of the past year.
  • The age group that grows more with respect to the access to Internet is the one that agglutinates to people between the 55 and 64 years, that happen from 37.7% to 43.7%.
  • If in 2011 the active line number broadband mobile grew a 59%, during this year the 2012 only line number associated to the service of voice, that is to say terminals with connection to Internet plus a voice contract has grown a 68%.

Statistics Web responsive

The traffic that arrives at our webpages from movable devices is increasing, and so it agrees that our Web adapts whatever to the device of the user.

Main advantages of the design Web responsive

Previously an only design for all type of screens was used which forced to us to use the same composition of page for tablets, desktop computers, portable and mobiles. The option to develop applications for mobiles is without a doubt an excellent alternative that allows us to adapt the interface to the rank of measures of the smallest screens, despite is a platform different from the Web and normally the development cost usually is elevated.

All those that are thinking about starting up a project Web and do not want, at least at the moment, to develop to an application for mobiles or tablets but they need that his page or lies down visualizes correctly from all type of devices can evaluate the option to use a Web responsive.

Of which responsive consists the design Web

The application of the techniques of the design Web responsive to the development Web allows us to cause that the elements that compose the pages are redimensioned and they are relocated based on the measures of the device that the user is using to visualize our Web. Also it allows to change some elements us by others so that the user experience is optimal and each text box, image or title has the weight that we want to give him within the body.

In conclusion, the design Web responsive allows to develop to Webs and stores online that visualize correctly in all the devices. In spite of having a cost superior to the one of a basic Web they are possible far below to be started up with an investment to which it would require to develop to a Web and a movable application.

Your is Web responsive?

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