Legal investigation on the social networks

The Social Networks are, every day, the extended and used platforms more between internauts worldwide. Facebook, Twitter and the most visited Google Plus are to the front of.

Legal investigation on the social networks

And How they affect in our lives and, therefore, our privacy? It seems that to maintain the anonymity it is a more and more difficult task. From €œGuide dectectives €œarrives a quite interesting article to us, that, indeed, comes to deepen on these points.

detectiveThe reality surpasses the fiction! One of the most habitual practices, for professional detectives, is the use of social portals to find confidential information on its €œprey€. In theory, always, within the legal limits but already we know that this field is lent enough to the confusion.

If you want that the information of your profile only arrives at certain people and want to control the access to your privacy, here we facilitated three basic advice to you of interest:

€¢ First that you would have to do it is to control who can see your publications, who friendship requests can send you and who can contact contigomediante private mail. In order to establish these options you can go to the section of Configuration of Privacy, in the menu of configuration, above to the right of your profile.

€¢ In case you have old publications, you would have to know that any change that you only realise in the privacy of your account will affect to the following publications that you do. If you want to change the visibility of which already they are public, it sees haciaPrivacidad in the option Who can see my things?

€¢ It controls where you appear. There is a very useful option with which you will be able to control who publishes in our biography, as well as to moderate those photos in which we appear or in that our friendly tag to us. In the Tagged section Biography and you have access to manage it everything before it is seen. Beam click in Publishing, in the right end when you enter the section You want to review the labels that your friendly add to publications before they appear on Facebook?