Important tendencies of the design Web

Now that we have entered a new year, it is the moment for making count of our passage by the 2015, but also for putting the view in the 2016 and the things that this can bring to us. It is always necessary searchwards!

Today I bring 5 tendencies to them of design Web, very important for the 2016

Throughout the year we have been seeing different tendencies of design applied to the Web and blog. Many of them will stay at least in the home during this new year or of this. Others, will be appearing throughout the months, and we will be them commenting here. You think that the design Web is not something static but it is adapted to the moment, but also to the needs of the users. If something is not functional, although it has a high aesthetic value, certainly it has less way.

We are going to begin and we will advance some of the design tendencies Web for this 2016. As you can verify many stay of this year and others come influenced by the previous thing€¦ Let's go! :)

1. We follow with the Material Flat/design

Flat or Material design

As we already shelp, design in the design incorporates some improvements in relation to flat Web, because the inclusion of shades as well as of other €œeffects€ is to us helpful at the time of hierarchizing the elements of the Web. For the continuous element graphical flat design to be the so important hierarchy of spaces although also we did not include material effects design.

2. Animations

Marketing of contents

It is not a secret that a developed good animation likes the public. To all we like to always interact with the Web (without going) or that appears different effects. Simple animations can be done it head or to include some elementes that create dynamism. Care, is not to return far from it to the flash, but to play with the HTML5! :)

In addition to illustrations type our Christmas congratulation, paralax continues being present (although we do not know inasmuch as time) and it can help us to create effect to our Web. As we see in another point of this article no longer is fear to scroll!

3. Typographies

to optimize the photographs of your Web

As you can imagine this is one of the tendency that I like more (and that she stays many years more). With them we can create messages, illustrations and fill of content our heads. If we are not safe of the images or the illustrations, she to the typographies is left.

We can play with styles by hand or vintage character to give form, more than to transmit messages. Working as creative of spaces and contents and occupying one it divides fundamental in the design Web.

4. Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll

No longer we are scared to scroll! We come it incorporating in the majority from our groups, can arrive until the last publication or content that appears in the Web, will be nothing stops to us.

We do not understand the contenedoras pages as of a certain number of post but they are gotten up at the same time as we do scroll. The form to appear, very diverse, returns the style €œtarjetitas€ type pinterest but also it stays other forms.

It is certain that takes to a disorderly style (that does not finish to me convincing) in that the elements are appearing without the order draws into squares that they had to us customary€¦

5. Menu hamburger

Menu hamburger

He is the type of more common menu when we spoke of mobile and tablet, and now, also extends to writing-desk. No longer it is important that they appear all the eyelashes of the menu of a fixed form, is enough with clicar in the icon and we will be able to begin to sail by the Web.

With this we gained space for the content and a greater uniformity between writing-desk and tablets and smartphones. Since we have already commented in multiple occasions is important the greater uniformity among them what takes to a simpler design. Udo of movable devices is prevailed to writing-desk and are many the tendencies that go towards uniformizar all.

These are some of the 5 tendencies of design Web for the 2016 but we will continue updating our blog!