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The world SEO is something difficult to understand. It handles susceptible terms little and clearly it does not stop growing or appearing changes that force to you to sharpen the details. Today we will speak of the benefits of the connections dofollow to them.

Basically it consists of recommendations, a connection dofollow can be shaped in an entrance of link buidlinga blog or webpage, in a commentary of a blog or a subject within a forum. In this way we indicated to the finders as Google bot to him that follows this site, that is to say that according to the anchor text where it was left the connection does I scan of the site since it was recommended directly from the site where it was placed.

In this way it increases potentially the authority of the site and we could see very little reflecting within the growth of the Page Rank of the site.

Recently we were present in a course of SEO focused to backlinks the difference between no-follow and do-follow, and although Google as it wants would enter that site independent of if we added the label or no, with rel dofollow we left him in clear that we want to recommend this site.

Each of these backlinks has some different properties, although both and the comment by personal experience, work to position. We agree that all will not have the same opinion and they persist in saying quite the opposite€¦ I can assure to them, because several webmasters have positioned their websites with No-follow connections.

In summary the connections no-follow would serve to protect in case we connect a Web and this finishes being penalized, by some evil use to us of their content. Whereas do follow affects directly to the authority of the site doing to him more excellent in the results search in any finder, but good Google is by most difficult and much complex to achieve success.

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