Design of webpages and SEO

Design of webpages and SEO €“ What one sees and what is not seen

Design of webpages and SEO. It does very few days we have given a new webpage for a client and now friend, who previously had it contracted with a very famous company that announces much by television, and that it sponsors it formulates it 1.

The proprietor allowed total access us to his account in this supplier, and this free access allowed us to corroborate to 100% everything what we were afrhelp in relation to the uncertainty and lacking total of quality of these webpages and stores Online.

The people who are not put in the world of design of webpages, unfortunately, do not know a series of factors that are going to guarantee the good operation mainly and the good positioning.

This article wants to be a call for the Independent SMEs and in two-way traffic:

1º That knows more about which it is not seen in the designs of webpages so that they can have more information at the time of choosing his supplier of designs of webpages.

2º That as Independent SMEs and, chooses preferably to another Independent SME or so that it is his supplier, before choosing to the great companies that above are foreign.

maintenance websiteSEO, which is not seen.

Before enumerating the basic elements that a webpage design must have we clarify that it is SEO.

SEO that or of the English €œSearch Engine Optimization€ is few words is the optimization of unap¡gina Web so that without paying nor a duro by publicity, the position in the finders is the more above and if it is possible in the first or second page of Google.

In the photo down a search realised in Google with different directions is appraised Web. Those that is within a red rectangle have had to pay to be more visible, this is called SEM positioning or of payment.

The Web that is within the green rectangle, not has had to pay nothing to be in the first position of the front page of Google, and we repeated without paying nothing. 

To that this is due? To that our design of webpage this good optimized from a point of view SEO reason why will have more visits without paying nothing don't mention it, and the other to be where they are must pay.  Simple and concrete.

Here a series of subjects goes that are due to know and to demand so that a webpage works as it must be:

SEO WebIt labels Title: It is the written part that sees in blue when a search in Google becomes. It is possible also to be seen in the previous photography.  One is due to optimize for each one of the webpages of which our website is made up.  So that it has force SEO must fulfill a series of premises.

To contain keyword, coherence with content, positioning and location of the different words, branding in its specific position.

It puts €“ Description: Is text in color black that is underneath the URL, that by the way must be friendly, (this is something that many companies do not fulfill either).

The goal description or snippet, must also fulfill one seri of premises, and if, it must be fulfilled for each one of the webpages of the website.

Use of the H2 labels to H6: The design companies Web that do not know much SEO or not put it in practice if payment for this reason, does not think that to put the text of different size it is to use these labels, and is not thus. These labels serve to give importance to texts or exists t­tuo inner with different subtitles, and, also to indicate it also to Google.

It labels H1: By the same reason it is not used these labels either, and the worse thing is than sometimes they put more than a H1 label, something that is very negative from a point of view SEO.

Goal description of the photographies: The same of important. Google cannot see the photo but it can read the label. If it is a photo that describes something important and we called it imagen1, we lose force SEO, and more on the contrary he penalizes to us.

SEO WebInternal liaisons and external: It is very important that the connections, to part of which they work, are well referenced.

These are the €œbasic cochairs€ that must be respected in the designs of webpages, and that unfortunately and due to ignorance, or to be cheaper are not fulfilled in the majority of the cases.

There are many more things than we must consider at the time of giving to force SEO to a webpage but to apply them like the described ones previously, it is necessary to know them and to know as doing it.

We repeat. They must be fulfilled for each one of the webpages of our website that Google Indexes.