Web Design responsive

The design adaptable Web or Responsive Web Design, is a series of you practice applied to the design Web that allows the user to accede to a website from different means as devices: reasons, tablets, screens wide and different resolutions in the computers. This starting off of the base that all design Web must be centered in the experience of the user at the time of acceding to a website, for this reason is that at the moment many websites are using the Responsive Web Design.

For this reason Solution webpages has wanted to share this presentation that explains better the best ones you practice to apply Diseo Web responsive, and as to apply a fluid design that adapts to any screen.

design Web responsiveThe main concept in which Diseo leans Adaptable Web is in leaving the fixed widths of our Web, these will have to be fluid. Instead of designing our Web basing to us on fixed values (for example width: 960px), the fluid design is thought in terms of proportions (for example width: 99%).

This way when we see our Web through the small screen of a mobile all the elements of the Web will be made smaller keeping the proportion among them. For example, to now know the width of an element we will have to divide to the initial width of the same between the width of the element €œfather€, to call it somehow simple.