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Cheap webpage in my property

That the webpages for the Independent SMEs and are in property is something fundamental for them.

my WebThere are diverse companies that announce their designs very cheap webpages, even the created ones from groups (prefabricated webpages).

What they do not notice is that the webpages never will be in property, that is to say, if in the future somebody wishes to leave to that supplier of webpages and to go away with a third party, this does not go if possible.

Because? , it is very simple.  These webpages do not work of independent form, but they need a species of €œsoftware mother€ to be able to work.  This way of operation is the one that causes that it is not possible to cause that the Web works outside the suppliers that created them.

Good, and that it concerns this to me!

It matters much and!

The webpages of this type, as much those that are made online from existing groups, as which they make many of the suppliers of design of existing webpages from groups, usually come with very few functions. The client contract to very low price and when she wants to include some additional function, sees that the price that asks to him by these functions more is lifted.

My Web €“ Result.

The client, independent SME or, will have a very right Web benefits and she will not be able to make nothing change this more than to add more money. Some functions additional options:

  • SEO
  • Analytical information
  • Campaigns Mail
  • Social Average
  • €¦

It is important that the Independent SMEs and know that at least if they can transfer the domain, reason why although they lose the initial investment, they will maintain the domain name at least.

It always compares before ordering your webpage.