5 Characteristics professional Web

5 essential Characteristics

in order to have a professional webpage.

In this article, I am going to tell the 5 characteristics to you more important to have a Profesional Webpage.

1. The webpage must be easy to use by administrative part €“ Self-managementable Webpage.

Typical professional WebA professional webpage, designed to be the showcase of a company or professional, must be able to update itself easily!
In the past, he was habitual that the pages were developed directly in code HTML and/or using graphical technologies as Flash, for example. The result€¦ a Web that required a Computer science Engineering to be able to introduce the simple news.

Nowadays that is unacceptable!  The owner of a webpage must be able to update by itself, the content where and when he wishes. And, in addition, not to require any type of previous technical knowledge to be able to do it.

2. Webpage responsive must Adapt of automatic form to Movable Devices €“.

Internet more and more is used by users who aceden to the website via mobile, tablets and smartphones (more and more great).

The statistics of the traffic Web indicate that: More and more, the users use the movable devices to accede to the contents of a website.

Therefore, a professional webpage must adapt of automatic form to the device from which it is visualizing. The page must turns perfect, for example, in smartphone vertical as as much On guard horizontal. It is what Responsive Design is denominated.

€¦ And without needing resorting to the gesture of the €œtiny amount€ to enlarge/to reduce texts.

3. A professional Web must load fast!

A webpage can be beautiful. But fast load€¦ cannot consider a webpage professional.

There are several reasons by which the webpages load more or less fast.

Both main:

  • The €œsize€ of the webpage. Here they influence, mainly, the size of the images and other elements multimedia. If they are not optimized for his consumption Web€¦ the page will load slow, very slow.
  • The Web server. If the webpage is lodged in a servant shared with hundreds or thousands of additional webpages, the webpage never will load fast. This it is the plan of typical lodging of the companies more known the service of hosting Web.

In addition to loading fast, the professional webpages are available 24 xs 7 xs 365.

4. Behind the €œImage€ it must have highly qualified an equipment!

The webpage is only the visible part of a much more ample service.

Nowadays, the majority of the software used in the construction of webpages, is software of free distribution. This means that its code is opened and is in constant evolution.

And the evolution implies constants and frequent updates: new functionalities and patches of security before new threats.

To design a webpage is a thing, and to cause that it works well is very different other. Who will be in charge to update €œthe motor€ of the webpage? The company of Hosting or the designer€¦? Ask to them!

5. A professional Web does not have why to be expensive!

The good thing is expensive, cheap is bad€¦ That is to which we are all customary ones.

If we want a good product or service, surely they have let us know in advance that it is going to be expensive. If, on the contrary, they are bombing to us with low prices more and more€¦ we will not wait for anything of the other world.

The certain thing is that a product or service is more expensive whichever major is the margin of benefit of the supplier, or its production costs. And something is cheaper, whichever minor the benefit, or minor the production costs/provision of the product or service.

With a webpage it happens the same exactly. It is a product that can be sold more cheap more expensive or, following the optimized thing that have the processes the supplier Web.

5 Characteristics professional Web