Strategy of content

Strategy of content €“ Marketing online in, the content is defined in the English Dictionary of Oxford as €œthe included things that are carried out nor in another one€, that is more than a little ambiguous €“ so he is not surprising that the interpretations of the word in the context of the design Web and development vary widely.

If him questions to 10 designers of webpages, on the contents and paper play in their creation, it can obtain 10 different answers €“ that they go from €œContent? What? I am a designer is not to copywriter €œ€ cheers to Me that you ask it. Feel and leave to you me that it speaks of the importance of the taxonomy and management to you of metadata €œ. But all we know a thing: the success of its website, application Web, movable application, or another platform is defined in its strategy of content in marketing online.

Content, and why he is not optional

Marketing onlineBriefly, the content is everything what information transmits. It has many forms, such as text, images, graphs, illustrations, icons, logo, bellboys, audio, video, metadata and the file of unloadings, to name a few, and less than are 1998 and its website is a page of statics text based HTML, the content must be the center of his universe, because he is everything what you have. When a website is disturbed in its discreet elements, everything only is contained.

Back they were the days in which it was simply to develop to a website graphically the content was unknown to which today it is a risk that we cannot take.

The market of average digitalises

The landscape of the digital contents is in constant change, reason why all the involved in their creation must consider the different channels in which they are distributed, the atmospheres that the people will be in the hour to interact with him and the multitude of devices that are going away to use when to do it.

Within this varied landscape, for their website or application to be successful, needs of the users are only made for a relation name brand very unbalanced. Reason why its content also must fulfill the objectives of its site. If one is to sell a million rubber ducks or to secure a hundred of people to be united in line to its request. By all means, this means that his content has to be exceptional, but so that she makes all the things that need to make for their users, their brand and its organization, you you must have a strategy of content in digital marketing. Otherwise its content will be a small needle in a very great barn.