What the companies look for

Sometimes I have been with companies that needed the services of a programmer Web when, for my surprise, later it requested a programmer who knew to make as much webpages as applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop applications for Windows. Aside from knowing how to drive to languages type C, C++, VB.net, Java, PHP, ASP and more.

Computer of webpagesI have learned those programming languages and other so many, but I decided to specialize in the accomplishment of webpages with technologies as WordPress, OsClass, PrestaShop, Joomla, Web Design based on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL at this point to leave of side the operative system applications and, after as much time, I only have basic slight knowledge of those other programming languages that I learned at the time€¦ and the question is:

Why having learned all those programming languages nonbeams also applications that are not in base Web?

By my experience I have learned that €œthe one that much sandal, little tightens€. That is to say, if you know of everything, you cannot be very good in anything, safe in rare exceptions. Reason why I decided to specialize in which I liked more and better she occurred me, the creation of webpages with well-known platforms CMS and data base MySQL.

Nowadays, the companies try to have a €œwhole in one€. If you are programmer, then, you must know how to program in all the had programming languages and having truth? Then no.

Moan to tell them to the ones in charge of RRHH that if the intention is that, goes very badly by way, clear that perhaps she is the people of above the one that requests resources of erroneous way by ignorance than it is being requested.

Why it exists an odontologist, cardiologist, neurologist, paediatrician, etc.? Why exist do the specializations in diverse scopes of work? Simply, because it is better.

What the companies look for

Somebody specialized in a concrete matter, will know to carry out a work of better quality than somebody than tries to include everything, since this last one will in the end have slight knowledge of many things but not in depth and, the work carried out can be functional or little even ominous according to the case.

Without going more far, for the accomplishment of a webpage in great equipment and companies usually it has:

  • A design equipment, who design the webpage.
  • An equipment of model-making, who pass the design to format HTML, SEO, accessibility, etc.
  • An equipment of programming, who implement functionalities with data bases, forms of contact, administrative parts of a Web, etc.
  • An equipment of systems, that raise the Web the servant and they complete it for his operation.

And we are speaking that in each area is a team, that is to say, a group of people, not an only person.

In my case, I combine all the previous points, the necessary ones for the accomplishment of a webpage but I cannot include more, the world of computer science is extremely extensive and one cannot be expert in everything, expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP, ASP, MySQL, C, C++, VB.net, Android, iPhone, Oscommerce, PrestaShop, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, design, model-making, servers€¦

Knowledge and slight knowledge of it will be able to be had, but€¦ to be really expert? To program any thing, in any language, for any system? There is no human person who can do it, like an ophtalmologist cannot operate of heart as a cardiologist, in spite of being both doctors.

For this reason, intention to the ones in charge of RRHH that look for specialized people in what the company requires without including impossible, since engaging personal expert in their matter, projects of greater quality will be realised and with less problems in the development, because in spite of the crisis, trying to save and to trim in the equipment that in the end removes the projects and removes to the company advanced, in the long run can leave more expensive the remedy than the disease.