Positioning natural SEO (organic)

Optimization Web or SEO (Search Engine optimization) is a set of techniques that are used for
to position a webpage of natural form in Google, through the selection of the keywords.

A long term work is characterized for being, where service looks for to position a company/product/.
The objective is not only to position itself in Google but also to increase the volume from users to its website.


They study and the most important web search engines are investigated, among them Google with the greater amount of realised searches. The finders are changing constantly for that reason it is important to stay updated to all the changes of the digital world. We are an agency of digital marketing of vanguard, focused in the new developments and needs of the client.


An investigation of the most excellent keywords for its company is realised. This investigation is realised by a SEO analyst. The demand of keywords per month, the difficulty of that word and its competition is analyzed.
Once selected the keywords they are the client to corroborate the type of strategy that is going away to realise.


They are optimized puts them tags of each section of the website. As much title as description must be only and excellent to that section. Always including the selected keywords and with the maximum of characters. It must be attractive for the user, calling its attention with the aim of which makes click in the result that Google shows to him.


The content of the webpage must be optimized with the selected keywords. It is ideal that the text is creative, unique and interesting for the user. To use duplicated content and never to offer solutions to the users. Also to optimize the titles and images of each one of the sections of the Web. Each one of the titles must have their hierarchy (h1/h2) with keywords and each image with his alt/title.


The optimization of the URL is one of the most important parts at the time of implementing SEO of a webpage.
A simple URL and with keywords facilitates the positioning in the finders, in addition to facilitating the understanding of the site for the users, is why it is necessary to modify them.
Many long users can feel uncomfortable when entering a page with URL or strange, they must be written up of form friendly and easy to remember.


There are two types of Building Link: one intern and another external one. Intern means €œto linkear€ all the sections of a webpage among them and who the users can sail a website of fluid form and without barriers.
The other face of the Building Link is the external one. We are going search those Web sites that is excellent to ours, where we can put a link that takes us to our webpage. Sites with a PageRank look for high and by far traffic.Positioning Webpages