Today we are going to speak a little more on each one of the pillars than they conform it, each of them essential if we want to develop visible and effective a strategy of branding:


What is Diseo Web and why so important for your company? Very easy, a good image is first that the clients of your brand will catch when they enter your Web for the first time. If they cannot find the information quickly or the Web is not well-taken care of, they will go away and there will be lost a potential client; because, after all, the first impressions ALWAYS count.

design webpages responsiveIt is important to know that in a design effective Web the accessibility, the usability and the balance between the elements always look for. The design must be thought by and for the client and for that reason it must intuitive, clear, be structured and, mainly, effective.

And within the design Web, Diseo Responsive is basic (and to consider VERY) since it adapts the contents and it structures of your Web so that they can visualize without problems in any device (portable, smartphone, Tablet). Your Web is your showcase in Internet and the immediate form to catch your future clients; Diseo Web is the base so that this happens, you do not forget it!


SEOYes, it is important to have a good image. But it does not serve don't mention it if you do not know to be made it arrive at people. And there it is where the positioning techniques enter SEO (Optimization Search Engine).

On the one hand, SEM reunites all those actions that obtain that your company is visible for a larger number of potential clients and help to increase the visits to your Web. Some of these actions understand from campaigns of payment by click in Google Adword, Facebook and other platforms to sponsored links or banners.

On the other hand, we were with the techniques SEO, that is based on the optimization of the content of your Web so that, of natural form, it is placed par excellence in the first positions of the finder: Google. This is obtained through the key words, linkbulding or the creation of content focused to SEO.


Positioning WebpagesFinally, and for that reason less nonimportant (far from it) we must go deep in the world of the Social Networks, that grows of extreme form day after day.

Which is the best social network for my company? It is a question that, surely, you consider at the time of creating some account to you for your company. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest€¦ there are them of all the colors and for all the pleasures.

Most important: to have presence in which they are going to fulfill your objectives. To obtain followers, to spread your products, to create promotions€¦ the campaigns that you can realise through the Social Networks do not have limit, and are in addition a very useful tool at the time of having a near and direct deal with your clients. Now, more than ever, you can know what your clients of your brand think and take advantage of it to turn to them into the diffusing majors of your company.