The search by voice will change the SEO of our Web

The search by voice will change the SEO

The phrase €œthe future already is here€ has become something unsuitable for the positioning SEO. The future he is present, when one does not become past quickly. The change is constant and it cannot say that he is imperceptible, but rather quite the opposite. The technology, the services, the behavior of the people is even completely different from the one from three years ago, two, one€¦ How they will be the lives and the technology in 2018, for example?

The field of the SEO was not going to be different from the rest and, in this sense, it begins to undergo a fact that €œthreatens€ modifying it of above until down, to change to the rules and the parameters in which we had moved until now: the searches by voice.

It is possible that still you believe that the searches by voice are useless for your business or your company, or that people do not use them the sufficient thing as focusing part of your strategy in them. Perhaps you are being mistaken.

Siri-searchHardly 5 years ago the American company Apple introduced in its mobile phones the most well-known assistant of the world, €œSiri€. Later it was moment for Cortana (Microsoft) and Google Assistant. Three great multinationals that develop this tool for their users cannot be mistaken. The way towards the future is in front of us.

We deal with not covering the eyes: the searches by voice are not only more habitual in the last years, but also the more excellent at the time of finding information. In this sense, its growth is exponential with respect to the most traditional methods.

Therefore, if a change in the way exists that the users use the finders, is necessary that also a change in the positioning strategies takes place SEO and campaigns of marketing. To adapt as basic premise, gold rule.

How it will influence in the SEO the search by voice?

Although still people exist who do not benefit from the commandos of voice recognition, the certain thing is that she is a really useful service that does the simplest life to us.

But that change also causes that the agencies specialized in creating marketing strategies must raise and devise new plans to arrive at all those users who already use the voice in their searches in the network.

According to the majority of experts, the main newness will take place at the time of creating content, since when we spoke we did not use the same expressions or the same vocabulary that when we wrote. It will be necessary to adapt (again).

The main challenge will be the one to find keyword suitable for our content, that one keyword that better adjusts to the service or product that we want to by voice

Differences between voice and text

But they are plus the significant differences between a search by text and one by voice:

  • Length: The use of a search by voice will imply a use of more words than one by text. This way, we can give a ampler sense to the question. Those results with greater number of key words will be also more excellent.
  • Special words: A difference that there is to control is the use of the interrogative pronoun: €œHow much€, €œwhat€, €œwhere€. A good strategy of marketing online will have to offer content to give answer to this class of questions.
  • The intention: Surely it is greater dissimilarity between the searches by voice and in writing. Unlike these second, in the commandos spoken already we will indicate our desire. €œImages of car X€, €œWhere is the street and€. One is an ambitious objective to be able to create content that is important for any user.

In order to finish, it is not necessary to forget that this class of searches is reaching a very important repercussion, affecting to the positioning SEO of a good amount of companies, mainly at local level.

If you wish more information on this subject, or if you want to modify your strategy of marketing online, it contacts with us and we will take care of to you of possible the most professional and effective way.