The importance of the strategic SEO


The recent penalty to Softonic on the part of Google alleging €œcontained of low quality€ has supposed for the Catalan company of the Intercom Group a loss of visibility of 45% in a single day, according to Sistrix. This intervention €œsurprise€ of Google has supposed a small headache for the professionals who work day to day so that their clients emphasize in the Google ranking. The question that has been strained in the profession is we would have to make SEO today or to only follow there above within 3 years?

To make SEO in the long term

optimization-SEO-strategicAlthough the maturity of the SEO already does few years that arrived and far it is a project where SEO is not applied from the home, to the marketing agencies continuously arrive great companies and SMEs penalized by not to have thought about a more strategic SEO.

The techniques that leave every week to appear in TOP 10 of Google are similar, they are not different much from which the professionals use SEO for years for projects of short route, but a company does not want to worry about the algorithm of Google, by penalties or updates, must think in the long term about a more strategic SEO, that is to say.

How much it costs to learn to make strategic SEO?

How we can prevent these crises in SEO? The obvious thing is to have professionals who have experience and knowledge sufficient to know where it is the limit. But, agencies and SEOs often freelance are with the problem of the experience: if never you have seen them to you with Google, how to confront a case of these characteristics? from where extractions that experience? Normally these cases of study by the network and the only way are not published to find cases of study SEO is to have patience and to assume that the knowledge has a price (in time and money).

By the network there is a pair of cases of journalism study and SEO, some tools have published some practical case (Semrush has an excellent video with the migration of NH Hotels recorded does about 7 months, Sistrix also has posts with some examples of professional level).

But where more information of value can find the agencies is in professional events, as the past Congress Web, celebrated between the 2 and the 5 of June in Saragossa. Greeting enters and greeting the there present ones were told to experiences and cases SEO.

Another event of the great prestige is the SEO Profesional Congress. In his seventh edition, that will be celebrated next the 2 of July in, is predicted that the rapporteurs explain cases of real SEO, reason why the assistants will know first hand how a Web can be taken until the first positions of Google rural dealojamientos, a pharmacy online or a company of maintenance of the home that he had to surpass a penalty of Penguin.

What obtains when sharing these cases?

The SEOs are not telling the world what does with their projects, but for which they know the techniques SEO and they focus in the strategy, are few projects that resist to them, since seen from outside they can €˜guess more or less€™ what technical used.

With four professional tools any project can practically be unravelled SEO, although concrete things can be escaped that each has done if so. In the end, one is to know how each SEO applies the techniques that all the companions of the sector know, which they are within reach of a project, but which they are not applied in the long term because lack a strategic vision of the SEO.

Perhaps, some agencies or freelance do not make SEO to more than 1 year because they do not trust continuing managing the same past client that time. If they mount a winning strategy for next the 3 years and they dismiss them the 18 months what happens with the rest of the project? it is a gift to the client? how we managed the SEO in the long term? how it beams you in your agency?