The Programming language With More Future


Sailing by Internet I have been this excellent debate in Quora exceeds what programming language has more future and the answer with more votes of the community online has not stopped surprising to me. According to Kevin Suttle, senior front end to developer in IBM the programming language with more future is Javascript and the reasons that it gives are many and of weight and the arguments that occur they leave many questions in the air.

What Programming language Tiene M¡s Futuro?

Javascript has many uses outside the Web, from navigators Web created 100% in Javascript as Breach Core to microcontrollers as Espruino. If somebody thought that Javascript was only to make four things in the Web, it was more than mistaken.

Not only this, but in GitHub Javascript is the language that occupies the dominant position in everything what it is published here, as you can see in this graph:



Even also the demand of Javascript that there is in all the jobs related to the design and the development Web, requesting itself as much for positions front end as back end.

It means this that the king is Javascript?


In this debate another one of the arguments that occurs is that in 10-15 years Javascript he will be what was COBOL or FORTRAN at the time, something that pass to the history of the programming. Why? Because the technology evolves very fast and no present programming language will be sufficient to give answer to the demands of another technological generation. Nevertheless, the majority seems to agree that in next the 3-5 years Javascript will continue being the king and the best programming language to learn.

If you look for in Infojobs supplies of use concerning Spain, you will see that the job offers that ask for Javascript double those of PHP. Reasons? Perhaps one of them is one of the answers that occur in this debate:

  • Javascript works in the side of the client executing itself in the navigator
  • Javascript responds to requests of the side of the servant thanks to node.js
  • JavaSript can be used with the data base MongoDB

Certainly is Javascript the best option?

Another one of the arguments that occur is that the best thing is to learn a language oriented to the development of apps native, as is the case of Swift for iOS. This affirmation is based on the drastic fall of sales of computers desktop for movable devices, as it is possible to be observed in this graph of Comescore (February 2014):



One indicates in addition that as much Facebook, Twitter as LinkedIn bet by the development of apps hybrid cradles in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and that it was a complete failure. Even Kiran Prasad, senior software to engineer of LinkedIn shelp at the time:

We have definitely shifted from HTML5 to native. For The primary reason that is, we're seeing that dwells and dwells people plows spending dwells Time in the app, and the app is running out of memory.€

That translated it means that they decided to make the transfer of native HTML5 to apps because the application remained short of memory as more people connected themselves.

My opinion on the matter

Although I believe that Javascript has many professional exits and many applications, it would not be the language that it would recommend to begin to program, because I consider Java a better option to introduce itself in the world of the programming. In addition, learning a language has to go based on what we want to reach, reason why if we must in mind dedicate us to the development of apps, definitively would bet by the development of apps native and the corresponding programming language.

Also I am of the opinion that what today it seems to us the latest the last morning will occupy the books of history, reason why any language that we learn today in some years can be obsolete. If it looked for to work as front end Web to developer would bet to the 100% by Javascript, and more with the APIS of JS of HTML5, but would want to dedicate me to backend, would bet by PHP if it were in favor in Europe and of Phyton if it lived in the United States.

My opinion is that everything depends on our objectives, and that cannot be spoken of the best programming language as that speaks of the best prescription of kitchen, because in the kitchen the prescription even depends on the companions at table. If you want to develop an own CMS, I do not see that Javascript is the best option, proof of this is that as much WordPress as Joomla is based on PHP. And if you want to develop to one app for iPhone/iPad, better bet by Swift.