The future of the design Web

The future of the design Web €“ in Web Design

From the remote homes of Internet, something that always has been there but that we have at first not given the importance him that it had is the design Web.

The first and archaic Webs that were realised in flat and simple designs do not have anything to do with the designs Web that are realised at present. The creators of these first designs would never have imagined arriving until this point that so normal and daily now seems to

The technological necessity and advances have obtained that the design evolves of a way really accelerated to thus be able to fulfill our expectations and needs.

At the moment or we have happened to realise designs for desktop computers to make designs for mobiles and tablets, until now that or becomes designs in responsive design.


These last designs are multipurpose and adaptable to any type of technology, that is to say, they are possible to be visualized so much in a desktop computer, as in a laptop, one tablet, smartphone. No longer it concerns the device from which we connect ourselves since these designs not only are compatible with all the devices if not that also with all the resolutions.

Although it seems that we have arrived at a point in which everything is invented and in which everything is going to follow for a long time thus, it really is not thus so that we are in continuous evolution and change.

It is for that reason that the design Web is going to continue changing and we are going to continue taking new tendencies. Surely for a long period the future tendencies will be towards responsive design but due to the great height of the movable devices and tablets and to the classic substitution of the PCs by them he would be preposterous to think that in the future the designs are only realised for movable devices and tablets so that those are these that predominate in Web responsive


In addition we do not have to forget the new technologies as the HTML5 and the new versions CSS that are going to leave to a side the technology FLASH that as much has been used until now, getting to be almost indispensable to sail by some sites of Internet. Now to use functions that before required FLASH goes not even if possible without necessity to install no plugin added as made lack with FLASH, it is time only question that all the navigators compatibilicen with HTML the 5 and new versions of CSS to the 100%.