Google changes URLs in the results search

Google changes URLs in the results search

If you are still thinking about the change that is going to introduce Google this 21 of April in the results search from movable devices, where it is going to give superiority to the adapted Webs, a new change is approached: the one of how they are going away to show URLs in the results search.

URLs in the results searchInstead of the domain of the page it is going to appear the name of this. The structure of the URL will be used as bread crumbs. We can see in this image:


This change means that the structure of the URLs of your Web is now more important that never. To count on a good structure of URLs and URLs friendly was already very important, but from now on it is it still more.

Also one is going away to introduce support so that from we can indicate the name of the Web to use instead of the domain and the structure of the URL to use as bread crumbs.

These changes are going away to introduce gradually, at the moment only in the mobile results. The change of the domain to the name of the Web will be made at the moment only in the United States, but the introduction of the bread crumbs yes is going to be global from the home.

It is still not known how it will affect this change to the rich domains in key words, or how the use of the same name by several pages can be avoided, especially using names of brands by third parties. What you think of these changes?