It is important that the images are optimized for the SEO?

If you are a bloguero or you write articles for a magazine or a newspaper, it is probable that you find this question on a daily base: I have to add to an image article? The answer is €œYes€. The images cause that an article is more alive and in fact the images can contribute to improve the SEO of your article. In this post, I would like to explain the steps that must be taken to optimize an image totally SEO.

IF! It is very important that the images are optimized for the SEO.

The use of images

Images, when they are added with certain consideration, will help to understand an article far better. €œAn image is worth more than thousand words€. , Yes good, probably it does not stop Google, but that can help to reads an article not to get tired visually to see so many letters, they illustrate what you mean in a data flow diagram or table, or simply make more attractive to promote an article using the social networks.

It is a simple recommendation: to use images for each article that you write. That does more attractive.

content optimized for the SEO - It is important that the images are optimized for the SEO?

To find the correct image

If you have the opportunity to add image to the article of your blog, please do it. The page needs photos or images with optimization for SEO.

Your article needs an image with the same subject than your article goes. If you use an image to use an image, it is doing it bad. The image must reflect the subject of the post, or have illustrative aims for the article, by all means.

There is a simple reason for that: an image that is related to the text aligns better for the keyword and better is optimized.

There is a series of reasons for it:

They emphasize the title or subject of the post

It will be able to trigger a visit to read the post, since the first point of view is not a text message, but an image.

These images are used in OpenGraph labels, that will be added to the image to our social actions.

Another way to add images. By the way, the majority of the €œimages recomendadas' that we used is photos. Do them of your own responsibility adding the title of the photo, doing the real image subordinate to the text in the image. That goes against a recommendation of not adding text in images that I have heard much, but since it has been mentioned, we used that specific image for other aims, not properly for SEO.

If there is no way to use images of your account, there are other ways to find more unique images. is a good source of image for example. Also I like the images provided by sites as (previously known as