I present my exclusive service of outsourcing of development and maintenance Web, thought for the companies or people who have a site in Internet, and who wish continuously to maintain updated it without the necessity to incur additional investments of qualified personnel, equipment and/or software, allowing to focus in the tasks critics of its business.

maintenance websiteI am expert as regards the webpages and their servers. I have vision, precision and magnification. My objective is to improve your webpage and to increase the quality of your daily visits. I know the needs the user of your webpage. This knowledge allows to advise me completely with the purpose of to obtain improvements to you in several scopes, as much at technical level, social networks and positioning SEO, creating a bond with you who goes beyond a mere trade relation. I believe in the personal relation with the professional based on the confidence and the professionalism.

MAINTENANCE POSSIBLE WEB: Sporadic modifications by express request of the client.

MAINTENANCE PERIODIC WEB: Modifications programmed previously with the client.

Maintenance of webpages  

In DESIGN WEB, you have to your disposition to a professional in design and maintenance of webpages, an expert in design Web and SEO, that will help to always maintain your website you with fresh information and the new services that your clients hope.
maintenanceWebpages exist that require periodic updates or modifications, as much to present new products, as modifying information or contents. These updates, would be programmed according to the requirements of the client.

For more information, to contact with me or to request a budget, without no commitment€¦

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